The human species has traveled a way which is relatively short in terms of the emergence of life on the planet, this represents an important evolutionary process in a permanent search for the future. There are those who will think that the development of this process depends on chance, others will suppose the pre-existence of a destiny, and others will think that human life has a sense that drives it evolutionarily, but it depends on the intentionality of the human being the option of building a society coherent or contradictory with that sense.

When deviations along the way generate contradictions, violence increases, divisions between individuals and people grow, and the future becomes uncertain. The urgent need then arises, to return to the sense of the species, recovering the perception of the human in the neighbor, to advance together in the deconstruction of the social contradictions and to embark on the path towards the humanization of the Earth.

Today, we might think that the inertia of the historical process is leading us towards an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, in cultural, economic, political and military terms, and that the trend towards a greater integration is irreversible but the great question is what will be the sign of this supposed integration. Will it be a world controlled and governed by the main powers? Will it be a world controlled and dominated by international financial power? Or will it be an  planetary civilization emerging from unity in the diversity of its populations?

Those of us who aspire to this last, have an image on the horizon: that of a true Universal Human Nation, a world without borders in which human beings can fulfill their best aspirations, in peace, with justice, with freedom, and with an infinite future ahead. For some it may seem an unrealizable utopia, but others can turn that utopia into the objective that guides us and inspires us towards  a worthy project  of the human species.

We have a long way to go and a long time ahead of us. Surely many of us will not reach the goal, although we will be happy to see it on the horizon. But no matter how long this goal may take, it will be important that in the coming years we move decisively in that direction, before the forces of anti-humanism consolidate a power and control that will then be very difficult to reverse.

The contradictions of today’s world have been the cause of many crises, and these will multiply and  become deeper if we do not change the direction we are taking.

Because the irrationality of the economic system and the voracity of financial speculation will produce new crises that will marginalize millions of people. The arms race, wars and terrorism will increasingly claim more and more lives and cause increasing suffering among populations. The lies of politicians and the manipulation of the media will destroy any vestige of credibility, overcoming a generalized chaos, unless other coherent references emerge. Social chaos will push societies into a drastic retreat, or lead to the establishment of a new order based on force.

In any case, if this mechanical direction of events continues, the world is heading towards an inevitable catastrophe, so it will be essential that human intentionality recovers the meaning of the species and corrects the course.

It will be important that in the coming years, many people, organizations, social movements, and hopefully some governments, support this cause, share this objective, and adhere to their proposals, and  articulate to act in a coordinated manner, launching a truly human project that  allows us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a long road in front of us, with many difficulties, in which it will be necessary to have clear objectives before each step, before each step towards the summit. And that is what we will try to do, to identify the steps that must be taken to get closer, from different places in the world towards the same objective. This is a first approximation of the steps to be taken, which will surely be improved, completed and multiplied during the walk.

Some are already being tried, and in that case it will be important to articulate to join forces. In other cases, we will  start walking now. Of course, this is not a linear process of successive steps, but rather of various partial goals in different areas, in which you can move  according to the place and time, but always in a convergent way with the project of the Universal Human Nation.

It is necessary to understand that the Universal Human Nation not only represents an ideal of the world, but has become a true historical necessity, since in a globalized planet there is no other way to face a generalized crisis unless we find global answers.

*Guillermo Sullings. Encrucijada y Futuro del Ser Humano.

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