The history of the human being is the history of the permanent attempt to evolve, to overcome pain and suffering, to leave behind injustice, violence, discrimination and oppression. And although there were always retrograde forces, again and again there were those who overcame those resistances and advanced.  This is how millions of people are working today, trying to transform some aspect of the world, each one from his or her place.

However, in this historic moment, the complexity of a globalized planet weakens isolated attempts to deal with the enormous powers that run the world. It will be necessary for these millions of volunteers to be articulated and organized worldwide behind the same goal: A world without violence, without wars, without poverty, without discrimination. A world with freedom, justice, environmental sustainability, and an open future for all human beings. In short, that old aspiration that has mobilized us during generations, but which now must come to life on a global scale, through a true network of builders of a new planetary civilization.

Because  so important is to sustain transformative proposals in all fields, as to build the strength able of turning them into reality. A common world force, nurtured by the rebellion of every human being against concentrated power. A common intelligence that illuminates with the imagination and knowledge  of those who are not resigned to mediocrity. A common ethic, based on the golden rule of treating others as we want to be treated. A common  consciousness, of  planetary people able to humanize the Earth. A transforming will that does not seek the concentration of power, but the deep understanding:  strength lies in diversity.

Convergence in diversity will be essential, between those who mobilize to end wars and the armement, those who fight against violence and discrimination, those who aspire to real democracy and the full respect for human rights. Those who propose an economy that is environmentally sustainable and equitable  distribution of  income. Those who work to improve health and education; those who are opposed to media manipulation and religious intolerance. Definitely the convergence of all those who work in the various areas of human activity with a transforming vision will be what allows to accumulate the capacity of action necessary to advance..

We know that to articulate us in a global network will not be easy. The culture of individualism produces damages, and the tendency of destructuring divides and fragments us. We often find coincidences in the arguments, in the proposals, in the affinities, and even in common adversaries. Even if  we  often divided  words, details, points of view, and even the diversity of knowledge. But if we dive deep into ourselves, we will find the strength and rebellion of that ancestral human being who has fought against adversity along the history.  And in doing so, we can discover in our companions on the road, that same root that unites us.  And if together we become aware of the destructive direction of the current process, we will understand the urgency of working together to change course, moving forward step by step in the building of a true Universal Human Nation.

Even if the road is long and the horizon is far, do not stagnate in difficulties or be satisfied only by the possible. Let us continue to move towards utopias, because  greater are the aspirations, that unite us,  smaller our differences will be and  greater our strength.


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