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How do we imagine the years to come? When and what are we going to do to move towards a new future? Who is responsible for carrying out this project?

It is necessary to create other forms of agreement and relationship that correspond to the constitution of a non-violent world.

The Network of Builders of the Universal Human Nation (RCNHU) is a space of confluence and inspiration, open to the search and common elaboration of the foundations of the new direction.

At different times in history, the foundations of human evolution have tried to be established.

The echo of these proposals has continued over the years, and has led to transformations long after their pronouncement.

The RCNHU starts from the high aspirations of the human beings of all times, aware that our present world is at a fundamental crossroads of the human process.

Participants of “the network” will meet in the Forum of the Universal Human Nation:  “What unites us”,  that will take place in Madrid from May 11 to 13, 2018.


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