Faced with the worldwide crisis and the impossibility of holding face-to-face forums, many humanists have asked themselves how to move forward in this situation. Some of us have proposed the realization of virtual meetings, to reflect, exchange and converge, and in this way strengthen the signal of Universalist Humanism in the world.

This is how the idea of this first worldwide gathering came about, in which we can reflect on where we are and where we are going, based on some definitions given by Silo:

It is clear that in order to be effective Humanism must have an organized, participatory and flexible Movement that gives particular importance to the spread of its ideas.Silo – Transmissions from Punta de Vacas “Humanism” April 2008.

This virtual meeting, with wide and open participation, will take place on 30 and 31, between 12 noon and 5:30 p.m. (reference time – Argentina), in Zoom chat rooms, according to the following scheme:

May 30th
12:00 Greetings, presentation and video transmission “Humanism”.
13:00 Group discussion: “Where do we stand?”
14:15 Synthesis together (30 min.) 
15:15 Break
15:45 Group discussion: “What is the situation of the world?”
17:00 Synthesis together (30 min.)

May 31st 
12:00 Group exchange: “How do we converge?”
13:30 Joint summary (30 min.)

14:15 Break
15:00 Group exchange: “Proposals for the next meeting*”
16:30 Joint summary (30 min.)
17:00 Greetings and closing.

*Themes of exchange

What is our situation: our situation as humanists who want to give a strong, generous and inspired signal to the world. Our situation as a movement, as a whole; organizational capacities and difficulties; insertion in the social environment.

What is the situation of the world: current trends and outstanding phenomena. Permeability to our ideas, possibilities to influence.

How do we converge? General strategy of diversity and convergence.

Proposals for the next meeting: reflections on themes, format, campaigns, documents, work groups, coordination, participation of other organizations.

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Clarification: with the purpose and the need to already have a website where to host the information referred to this meeting, we have chosen to use this space that some time ago had been developed to disseminate the issues related to the Universal Human Nation. Later this site will be modified and adapted to the new needs that arise from the meeting.

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