Dear Friends
During the last encounter on the 30/05 and 31/05, with the participation of more than one thousand friends, we shared enriching exchanges and interesting images for the future.
The need of many to meet again in the joint spirit of convergence led to proposals for new meetings, collective actions, communication networks and other initiatives.
To continue delving, into these images of convergency, and eventually to put together working teams to promote them, we invite you to a new online meeting on the 20th June 2020.

Los Angeles 7am
Santiago de Chile 9am
Buenos Aires 10am
Europa 15pm
Maputo 15pm
India 18:30pm

Duration: 4 hours

General Meeting Zoom:

Salas de Intercambio – Interchange Rooms




To organize the Zoom’s meeting rooms, would you please register on the following form:

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